Recipe for Success

"Some say that you teach drama, but I believe that you give children life skills for the future."

~ Gold Coast Arts Academy Parent

At Gold Coast Arts Academy, we believe that the fundamentals that students learn through our private drama courses creates a recipe for success! Our classes provide students with the necessary skills and techniques that are required for exams through Trinity/or AMEB. The classes that we offer are charged out at the same rate as other lessons (exam entry fees and exam material are your only extra cost). Please talk to your teacher if you are interested in doing an exam in either drama or music theatre.


In our beginner classes, we introduce students to basic concepts that will assist them in furthering their skills and techniques. With the help of simple exercises and theory, students begin to grasp the necessary foundations that will act as the base for their knowledge to grow. As the course continues, our teachers encourage students to be creative and challenge themselves.


At the intermediate level, students explore multiple styles and genres of acting. Teachers encourage their students to further their skills by providing them with challenges to match their skill set. Each class is planned in order to cater to the students learning style in order to help them excel. From reading scripts to improvisation, each student is exposed to more advanced techniques and learning styles.



At Gold Coast Arts Academy, we encourage our advanced students to challenge themselves in every class. With the help of our experienced and qualified teachers, our students become equipped with the knowledge and necessary skills that are required within various acting genres and themes. We assist students to become prepared if they choose this field as a career while also ensuring that they enjoy every step of the way.

Availability: Limited places available Wednesday and Saturday

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