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At Gold Coast Arts Academy, our teachers go above and beyond to engage with their students and inspire them to learn and ask questions. Our woodwind classes give our students a chance to apply unique skills and expand their horizons by learning something new. For more information on how to get started, give us a call today!


Our beginner woodwind course provides our students with introductory lessons regarding basic musical foundations and skills. Within each lesson, our students begin to explore concepts such as rhythm, beat and identifying music notes. Additionally, our teachers guide them through proper techniques, including posture and finger placement, whilst also educating them on how to properly clean and maintain their instrument.

Availability - Limited places


At the intermediate level, our teachers begin to explore more advanced musical foundations and techniques with our students. Within these lessons, they will further develop their listening skills while maintaining correct performance positioning. It is here where they will learn songs in which are at a greater level of difficulty and develop their sight reading skills further.

Availability - Limited places


At Gold Coast Arts Academy, we use our advanced level courses to further develop our woodwind students’ skills and performance techniques. Through a variety of genres and a range of difficulties, our teachers help to shape our students to the musicians they aim to be. From playing with an ensemble to mimicking music tracks or freestyling, our advanced courses provide our students with a challenge.

Availability: limited places

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