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Visual Art



From realistic life drawings to the profound depths of the universe, no medium has been able to express such meaning, with such simplicity. A picture, as they say tells a thousand words. Whatever your aim from creating artwork, from the five year old who just wants to get their hands dirty, to the adult expressing their deepest feelings or just there for a socialise, Athena has the course to suit you!

Weekly Art Class

Our immensely popular weekly class for Primary aged children never fails to fill in minutes! Run over ten weeks, each course focuses on different aspects of art, with the child coming away with an individual portfolio of work after ten weeks. There's heaps of fun along the way too!

Every child leaves school with a favourite teacher who made an impact far beyond the classroom walls and the list of students whose lives have forever changed because of Miss Pat Ciafardini is endless. We are so fortunate to have her onboard, teaching art and so much more to your child!

(For most courses) $280 + GST
Thursday 4:00 pm Each school term, feel free to add your name to our contact list today

Weekly Craft/Art Class

Art Vashti


Due to continuous demand, we have added a new Art Class on Saturday.  The class includes craft and art activities, long term projects and fun games. At the end of the project each child takes home his creation, to be admired by family and friends.

Saturday  10:30AM 

Contact details


Holiday Workshops

Get your name in now to avoid disappointment for a place in our next school holiday workshop. Generally, run over two days with all materials and even lunch and snacks provided each day, it will be the highlight of your child's holiday.

Details of our next workshop will be posted soon! Our holiday workshops are taken by Pat Ciafardini and students learn a wonderful variety of techniques and have something to proudly show at the end.

approx. $60 per day inclusive of morning and afternoon tea and materials
School holiday periods, details of dates closer to time.