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Our vision



Athena College is the brainchild of a number of passionate artists, providing the very best education possible; be it musically, in the visual arts, or in dance. We are named after the Ancient Greek Goddess of the Arts, Athena. We offer private tuition from beginners to advanced musicians on all major instruments, in speech and drama and theatre, in the major forms of dance, and across visual art forms. Formed and staffed by only the most passionate, driven, experienced and professional staff, you can be assured Athena will give each student every opportunity to soar.

One of the driving factors behind the founding of Athena College, is our understanding of the pressures placed on students, particularly in secondary school, trying to juggle a serious arts education with the demands of school. Athena is determined to assist with this and help find a balance. Individual focus and attention to detail is one of our greatest priorities.