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Gold Coast's most dynamic Arts College

Athena College is the most dynamic arts college on the Gold Coast, with highly qualified and experienced teachers, providing the most up-to-date arts programmes available.

Four Disciplines of Arts under One roof

Drama, Dance, Music and Visual Art - these are the four disciplines of Arts that Athena College can provide under one roof. You can take classes in any of these 4 disciplines.


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Open-Door Policy at Athena College

We are proud of our school and want to share what we offer with you! As a parent of one of our students or if you are interested in taking classes at our College, we invite you to visit us at any time.

Latest news

Athena College Celebrates 10 Years - CONGRATULATIONS!!

2005 - 2015

Celebrating 10 wonderful years of Arts Education

Author: Sue den Besten
11 February 2015

Halloween Holiday Workshop

A very spoooky time at our holiday workshop!!

Author: Sue den Besten
07 October 2014

Multicultural Festival

Athena College singers and dancers entertaining at the Multiculural Festival.

Author: Sue den Besten
07 October 2014